Meat & Pantry Collection

We have the finest selection of meat and poultry in Surrey. We work with some of the best farmers in the UK and we’re immensely proud of our produce.

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Pork Collection

Loin chops. Tenderloin. Belly. Shoulder. Leg. Steak. Mince. Rolled Leg. Ribs. Hand. Gammon. Burgers. Bacon Joints. Knuckle. Hand-linked Sausages.

Lamb Collection

Loin Chops. Cutlets. Shanks. Mince. Legs. Racks. Noisettes. Shoulder, Chump. Barnsley Chop. Heart. Scrag-Middle. Crown. Breast. Best-end. Kidney. Liver. Gigot Chop.

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Beef Collection

Fillet. Sirloin. Ribeye. T-Bone. Striploin. Brisket. Burgers. Forerib. Topside. Porterhouse. Braising. Mince. Rump. Blade. Skirt. Oxtail. Chuck. Shin. Rolled Rib.

Winged Game Collection

Duck Breasts. Pheasant. Wood-Piegon. Goose. Partridge.

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Game Collection

Rabbit. Venison.

Turkey Collection

Breast. Whole. Crown.

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Poultry Collection

Whole. Breast. Thigh. Leg. Drumsticks. Liver. Kebabs.

Our Pantry has a fine selection of sauces, marinades, chutneys, pates and pickles plus our not-to-be-missed homemade pork scratchings. Step inside.